ASPA Member Highlight – Jocelyn Orb, Manager, Student Wellness Centre, Teaching, Learning, and Student Experience

Written by Karen E. Mosier

Jocelyn received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Saskatchewan 1998, Bachelor of Science in Arts (Environmental Studies and Political Science double major) from the University of Victoria in 2003 and a Masters in Political Studies from the University of Saskatchewan in 2005.  

Jocelyn has worked at the University of Saskatchewan as a Manager in the Student Wellness Centre (SWC) since April 2016. The SWC is a multidisciplinary primary health care team of over 40 employees. They provide physical and mental health care to University of Saskatchewan students and their families. Their complement of services include physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, counselors, psychiatrists, a dietitian, a mental health nurse, massage therapists, chiropractor, physiotherapist and acupuncturist. They work closely with many other student support departments on campus, such as the Student Affairs and Outreach team, Access and Equity Services, the International Students Study Abroad Centre (ISSAC), and the Aboriginal Student Centre, in order to give the best student experience possible. Jocelyn is available to answer any questions that students might have or make them an appointment with one of their employees.  

What Jocelyn likes most about her job is the people that she works with. She admires the Student Wellness Centre staff for their “dedication and hard work” and their willingness to even work after hours to go above and beyond for our students. She adds, “They do such an amazing job on a daily basis”. Jocelyn also loves working with the students that she serves, which involves helping them navigate the different services and answering their questions about their mental or physical health.  

Jocelyn also expresses great appreciation for our beautiful campus. She believes that we are blessed to be able to work in such picturesque surroundings. She said she will definitely miss the buildings, grounds and river while working from home during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Her staff and their zeal motivate Jocelyn. They are highly skilled at what they do, and genuinely care for our students. She knows how much it means as a student to be supported. She had a wonderful doctor and nursing team at Student Health when she was a student 20 years ago, and it remains important to her to see that kind of service available to our students. 

Jocelyn has 20 years nursing experience. Her nursing background definitely helps her in her current position as it taught her the basics of health and healthcare, and her education in political science has been invaluable in understanding systems, the importance of knowledge and power dynamics. 

Jocelyn has been an ASPA member for 4 years. She values the flexible work plan, which allows her to work extra hours as needed. She recently set up a Student Wellness Service booth at the ASPA Pizza lunch. Being an ASPA member has definitely impacted the quality of her work and home life. Access to APEF funds has allowed her to do professional development and improve her level of knowledge in her field, and connect with others across Canada doing similar work.  

Her advice to other ASPA members is, “Be grateful. We are fortunate to have a professional association that represent our interests, to have access to benefits and education funds that are not seen in other organizations, and we’re able to work for an institution that values lifelong learning and supporting students to be successful”. 

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