Why Grit Matters in the Workplace

Written by Karen E. Mosier

You can always find people that no matter what the circumstances and bad breaks, they seem to be able to roll with the punches and stand up and get on with their life. Grit is simply persistence and fortitude to persevere no matter what and succeed. Grit has been shown to be more important that IQ, social intelligence, attractiveness and charisma.

There are several advantages of having grit in the workplace:

Overcome Obstacles

You have the persistence to learn to overcome obstacles which other people might find laborious or even perceive as impossible

Don’t be disheartened by seemingly setbacks in your career path but use them as a stepping stone to immense success

Get Things Done

Grit translates to self-discipline which in combination with a good work ethic and follow-through gets the tasks done that are necessary for your success

Take Risks

Grit and perseverance allows people to get past their fear of failure and step out and take opportunities and risks

Pursue Your Passion

Grit enables you to work really hard on your passions even over really disappointingly long periods of time to overcome stress and obstacles to achieve your goals

Passion involves being motivated and always seek meaning in everything that you do

Learn From Your Mistakes

Be determined to learn from your mistakes when failures occur and make things better than they were before

After each challenging task, assess what you did and what you can do better next time. The secret lies in working on your weaknesses

Live Outside Your Comfort Zone

Become comfortable in the uncomfortable and your grit will make you stand out in your company and in life

Influence Others

Others influence us more than we think so hang out with gritty people as they are likely to influence your behavior and motivate you to persevere and achieve your goals

Be Successful

Remember it takes hard work and practice to be successful at what you do

Working hard will develop your skills and especially focus on things that you are good at

Do you want to be successful in your career? Do you want to reach your long-term goals? Grit does not come by coincidence. It is a conscious decision and is necessary to succeed when one is confronted with insurmountable odds. Choose to have grit in the hard times and you will be able to take the hits, get up and still soldier on to achieve your goals.


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