Happiness at Work

Written by Karen E. Mosier

Happiness is a subjective concept. If you want to create a better experience for yourself at work, you have to actively focus your attention on the things that will support that experience. By focusing on the positive, you can influence your mood in a real and enduring way.

Here are some strategies that you can use to make your outlook on life brighter:

1. Build strong relationships

  • Connections with other people are the single most important component of happiness
  • Even one good relationship has great mental health benefits

2. Do things that help you grow

  • Build on your passions or take steps to strengthen your weak spots
  • Never stop learning

3. Listen to music you love every day

  • Music can reduce your levels of cortisol
  • Listening to your favourite songs can lift your mood for a sustained period of time

4. Do a good deed

  • Watch for opportunities to make small, kind actions throughout the day
  • Doing something nice for others will boost your mood

5. Change your mindset

  • Focus on what is going well in your life rather than what’s going poorly
  • This will elevate your mood and train your brain to focus on the nice things in life
  • Infuse gratitude into your day and keep a gratitude list. Remember to express that gratitude to the people who have provided it to you

6. Practice mindfulness

  • Don’t get caught up in what will happen next month or next year or when you retire
  • Stay in the moment and appreciate the experience of living day to day

7. Work it out

  • Do a 15 minute daily workout routine to raise your energy levels
  • Exercise will clear your head and help you think more clearly

8. Keep a flexible schedule

  • Prolonged work hours can take a toll on the brain
  • Take regular breaks to boost your productivity

9. Value yourself

  • Don’t ever forget your real worth
  • Take time to look back on your past achievements

10. Start your day on a good note

  • Take some moments each morning to collect your thoughts and plan your day
  • Don’t rush, but take extra time to establish clarity and create your goals for the day

Do you want to be happier at work? Retrain your brain today to focus on positive information. Look for a way to work with gratitude to turn around a negative experience. Make gratitude an everyday habit. Look for reasons to be happy and take the time to appreciate what you already have.


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