Ways to Learn to Love Your Job

Written by Karen E. Mosier

What should you do if the job you thought you would enjoy is turning into something different than you expected? You may have had high expectations for your position but it has slowly turned into a struggle and now you just accept it because you need work. Do not be discouraged. It is possible to revive your relationship with your job. There are things that you can try to help change your perspective.

Here are some simple strategies that you can implement to learn to love your job:

1. Work With Your Supervisor to Set Goals

Work with your boss to set reasonable but inspiring goals that will motivate you and provide structure and focus for each day.

Achieving your goals may help you to negotiate a promotion or provide the momentum to switch teams, departments, or roles down the road.

2. Make a List of Things You Want to Improve

Make a list of what aspects of your current job that you would like to improve.

Talk to your boss and see if small changes can be made to improve things e.g., move your desk away from the elevator to focus better, find a meeting buddy to express your ideas.

3. Figure out What You Really Love to Do

Think hard about what parts of your job you love and brainstorm a dream job.

Consider talking to your boss to make these tasks a bigger part of your day.

If your dream job contains things that you aren’t yet qualified for, figure out what training or education that you need to take to get where you want to be.

4. Talk to Your Boss Regularly

When we work somewhere that is draining us, it can be refreshing for us to sit down with our boss and hear his perspective on how things are going and hear his passion for the job.

This may inspire you to improve your own responsibilities, and your initiatives won’t go unnoticed.

5. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Support

If you feel overwhelmed, swamped with work, or struggling with a particular aspect of your job, don’t be afraid to consult a trusted co-worker or manager about how they might be able to support you. e.g., delegate work to others, schedule tasks so our workload is more balanced, determine training or education that you need to take.

6. Expand Your Network

The challenges that you face in your role are probably not unique and it’s likely that others are going through the exact same thing.

Make connections by going to meetings, events, or conferences and build a support system that you can consult with when times get tough.

7. Make Use of Your Benefits

Maybe you don’t love your job, there are probably perks that are easy to love.

Do your due diligence to find out what’s on offer and make it a priority to make use of them.

8. Stay Present

Concentrate on the task at hand and if you don’t have enough to do consider finding a side project to work on.

If you have too much to do and you can’t focus, try taking mini-breaks as you get stuff done.

9. Create a High-Vibe Workspace

Give your workspace a makeover and add pictures of people or places that you love and inspiring quotes and buy a new pen or planner that makes you smile.

By creating positive associations with your workspace, you’ll feel better about using your workspace every day.

10. Have Fun With Your Coworkers

As long as it doesn’t interfere with your productivity, playing games and having inside jokes with your colleagues is a great way to lighten up stress and keep up your morale.

11. Make a ‘Gratitude List’ for Your Job

Write down all the little and big things that you are grateful for from the coffee shop that you stop at on your way to work to the fact that your job helps you support your family.

12. Remind Yourself What You Took the Job in the First Place

Consider why you took the job in the first place e.g., making good money, working for a good cause, your schedule is flexible, the benefits are great.

This can help you navigate your next steps, whether that’s taking action to improve your job or preparing to find a new one.

13. Explore Finding Joy Around the Edges

If you have a musical bent, form a band with a group of coworkers to play music or start a cappella group.

If your interests are more physical, join or organize a company team sport or create a walking, biking, or running group with coworkers.

These simple strategies demonstrate ways that you can fall in love with your job even if you do not like it right now. Making small changes can help you stop hating your job and do something about it to improve your work life. Begin today to change your perspective and make it work where you are right now and be a happier, healthier person for your efforts. 


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