Did You Know? – Position Review

Written by Darcy Hryn-Bird

Did you know that ASPA members or their supervisor could request a review of their position once every twelve (12) month period if they felt that the position might not be in the correct Family or Phase? (Article 9.1.2 of the ASPA Collective Agreement) 

The duties of a position may alter over time or particularly in the first year of a new position.  To ensure that the duties of the position are being correctly classified, the member or their supervisor may seek to have the position reviewed by U of S Compensation (compensation_inquiries@usask.ca ). 

If you think that your position has not been placed in the correct Family or Phase here are some steps that we recommend you look at: 

  1. Review Article 9.1.2 of the Collective Agreement.  Has your position been reviewed in the last 12 months? 
  1. Ensure that you have a job profile that accurately reflects the duties you have.  If it does not, adjust your profile in consultation with your supervisor. 
  1. Discuss with your supervisor the job profile suggestions and whether they are supportive of a reclassification.  Your supervisor will have to sign off on the updated profile. 
  1. Review the Criteria Matrix when creating the new job profile, which can be found here: https://careers.usask.ca/agreements/compensation/model.php#PlacementModelsMatrix  
  1. Reflect the Criteria Matrix words in your job profile where possible. 
  1. If you are aware of similar position(s) on campus provide these examples to Compensation as part of your review.  Use those profiles to adjust the wording in your profile where applicable. 
  1. Go into your PAWS and search the employer’s Wiki to find the ASPA position review and appeal Form. 
  1. Submit the position review form to Compensation at: compensation_inquiries@usask.ca
  1. Reach out to ASPA at  aspa@aspasask.ca at any time with questions. 

Compensation will review the position and determine if it is correctly placed within the Family and Phase.  Should the position move to a new Family and/or Phase this will occur on the date that the review was submitted.  The salary of the position will be adjusted to be three percent (3%) higher than it was or to the minimum of the new salary range, whichever is higher (Article 11.2). 

Should Compensation determine that the position is appropriately placed and does not require any adjustments then the ASPA member or their supervisor may appeal this decision (Article 9.1.4).  You have thirty (30) days from the time your supervisor provides you with the written decision of Compensation in which to do so.   

In the appeal process the position is reviewed by a committee made up of representatives from both ASPA and the employer.  The employer representatives are different than those who originally reviewed the position. 

Should the position go through the appeal process and not be adjusted then the member or supervisor will have to wait another twelve (12) months before submitting the position again for review.   Should the position change Phases and/or Family through the appeal process, the increase will be as per Article 11.2 and will be retroactive to the date of the application on the initial review.   

With any review, there is a slight chance that the phase of the position could be adjusted down.  This would be a rare occurrence.  In this instance the member’s salary would be frozen until the current level of the salary is below the maximum of the new salary range.  Members will not experience a reduction in their current salary through this process (Article 9.1.3). 

As always, ASPA is here to assist you with your questions.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to us at aspa@aspasask.ca if you have any questions or reach out to Glenn Billingsley, ASPA’s Member Services Officer, directly at glenn@aspasask.ca

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