How to Show Respect in the Workplace

Written by Karen E. Mosier

How to Show Respect in the Workplace

Respect is a key factor to have a healthy work environment. From professional interactions and good communication to giving others credit for their work and working as a team to get things done, we can demonstrate respect in the workplace. A respectful workplace creates a healthy work environment where staff are valued and recognized for their ideas and their role within the organization. Respect in the workplace promotes teamwork and increases productivity.

When we respect others, we respect ourselves.

Here are some ways to demonstrate respect in the workplace:

  • Always treat others the way that you want to be treated – with courtesy, politeness, and kindness
  • Encourage your coworkers to speak up – to express their opinions and present their ideas
  • Use feedback to change or improve work – let your employees know that you used their idea
  • Recognize others  – encourage praise and recognition among employees & from supervisors
  • Listen to what others have to say – never speak over or interrupt another person
  • Demonstrate your worth and value – do your share of the work
  • Avoid the perils of gossip – to be respected as a trustworthy and conscientious person
  • Don’t monopolize others time – talking excessively, especially with gossip or idle chit chat
  • Be civil and courteous – never insult, name call, disparage, or belittle people or their ideas
  • Don’t be overly critical – do not constantly criticize, judge, demean or patronize a co-worker
  • Don’t interrupt others productivity – when on the phone, with a client or their door is closed
  • Watch your nonverbals – monitor your body language e.g., tone, demeanor, facial expressions
  • Keep your noise down – avoid loud talking, laughing, food smacking, humming or audible music
  • Improve Relationships with Emotional Intelligence – ask questions, notice responses, and apply your experiences and empathy while interacting with others
  • Care about your coworkers – interact with colleagues and take a genuine interest in their lives
  • Appreciate shared workplaces – keep them clean and tidy
  • Treat everyone equally –avoid harassment or discrimination which can create a hostile work environment
  • Avoid bringing strong scents – like heavy perfume, candles or pungent foods
  • Establish boundaries – know your limits and don’t take on too heavy a workload
  • Go above and beyond the call of duty – do more than is expected of you

Respect is a requirement for employees to feel valued in the workplace and to believe that their work is meaningful to their organization. Creating a respectful environment will reduce employee turnover and employees will spread the word that it is a great place to work. What can you do to promote more respect in your workplace?


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