What Can Your Personal Spending Account (PSA) do for You?

The time of year has come again where we figure out how to allot our Flexible Spending Account. This year there have been some changes to what you may use your Personal Spending Account for as of January 1, 2020.

Here is a list of new items your PSA qualifies for:

Fitness Services

  • fitness club or gym memberships (includes membership to the PAC)
  • registration fees for fitness-related programs, lessons or courses (such as aerobics, yoga, dance and martial arts)
  • sports team memberships and registration fees
  • annual memberships or daily passes to athletic facilities (such as access to golf courses, racquet clubs and ski hills)
  • personal trainers, fitness consultants, lifestyle consultants and exercise physiologists
  • registration fees for fitness-related events (such as walks, runs and races)
  • recreational activity fees (such as boating fees, camping fees and trail passes)
  • fees for athletic facilities and equipment rental costs
  • fitness-related apps, software and programs
  • hunting and fishing licenses

*Family membership is acceptable if the member is an active fitness centre member or recreational member and providing the membership is under the member’s name.

Fitness Equipment

  • purchase or rental of exercise equipment (such as treadmills, exercise bikes, universal gyms and weights)
  • specialized sports equipment (such as skates, bikes, non- motorized boats, rackets and clubs)
  • fishing gear and supplies, camping gear, tents and sleeping bags
  • jogging or cycling strollers
  • specialized athletic footwear (such as running shoes, golf shoes and swim fins)
  • fitness related apparel (such as running jackets, cycling shorts and swim caps)
  • athletic safety equipment (such as helmets, eye protection and mouth guards)
  • fitness tracking tools (including watches) and heart-rate monitors
  • fitness consoles and accessories, DVDs and downloadable work-out videos

Health Products and Services

  • weight management programs (excluding food)
  • nutrition programs and counselling
  • cholesterol and hypertension screening
  • smoking cessation programs and products
  • services provided by iridologists, herbalists, Chinese medical practitioners and acupressurists
  • other alternative wellness services (such as Reiki, Rolfing and light therapy)
  • stress management programs
  • first aid and CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) training
  • health, fitness or lifestyle assessments
  • vitamins and supplements, including herbal products
  • sleeping aids (such as orthopaedic mattresses and pillows, darkening blinds, white noise machines and ear plugs)
  • medical alert products and services
  • personal care items (such as heating pads, thermometers, sunscreen, teeth whitening kits and denture products)
  • life coach services or fees for spiritual or wellness retreats (excludes the cost of travel and accommodations)
  • cosmetic procedures (such as Botox, dermabrasion and tattoo removal)
  • health-related apps, software and programs
  • day-spa services (such as baths, saunas and aesthetic treatments)

Education and Personal Development

  • tuition fees for university, college or continuing education (including books and supplies)
  • fees for language training and tutoring
  • fees or dues for professional memberships or associated with maintaining a professional designation
  • hobby or general interest classes and supplies (including cameras)
  • personal computers, accessories and software
  • online courses offered through a recognized educational institution requiring registration
  • internet services (statements used as receipts must include the payment amounts and date)
  • cultural activity passes or tickets (for things like museums, zoos, music concerts, plays, operas and symphonies)
  • lessons, courses, seminars and conferences (including books, instruments, supplies and accessories)
  • reading materials and book club memberships (including e-readers and books)
  • finance related apps, software and programs
  • smartphones and tablets

Green Living

  • public transit passes
  • solar energy and wind energy products
  • energy home audits, cost to upgrade windows, programmable thermostats and weather stripping
  • lead pipe and asbestos removal from home
  • composters, rain barrels, recycling bins and recycling fees for atypical items (such as electronics)
  • appliances certified as energy efficient and other energy efficient products for home heating, cooling and lighting (such as tankless water heaters and compact fluorescent light bulbs)
  • car or bike sharing memberships and usage fees (excluding fuel costs and repair fees)

Work-Life Balance

  • childcare expenses
  • elder-care expenses
  • pet-care services (such as kenneling, obedience training, dog walking and veterinarian fees)
  • domestic services (such as house cleaning, snow removal, landscaping and moving services)
  • intelligent personal assistant (IPA) devices

Safety Initiatives

  • baby safety equipment
  • first aid products (such as bandages, Automated External Defibrillators (AED) and disinfectant)
  • smoke alarms, carbon monoxide (CO) detectors, fire extinguishers and fire escape ladders
  • personal protective gear (such as safety boots, eye protection and safety gloves)
  • life jackets, bear spray, rescue equipment and avalanche kits
  • home security systems and associated fees

Professional Services

  • estate planning, financial investment counselling and tax return preparation
  • legal expenses (such as wills, divorces, and house purchases or sales)

Insurance Premiums

  • Life and Critical Illness insurance premiums, as well as Long Term Care facility premiums
  • pet insurance premiums


  • Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) contributions
  • Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) contributions
  • Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA) contributions

If you need anymore information, or have any questions you may send us an email or give us a call.

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