Member Services

Member Services Officer

In 2013, the almost 1200 members of ASPA committed to hiring a full time Member Services Officer (MSO) to assist the Executive, in particular the President, in addressing Member matters, complaints and questions.  This is the primary function of the MSO, who also monitors and addresses all matters tied to the Collective Agreement, and contributes to the day to day functioning of ASPA

Glenn Billingsley is ASPA’s Member Services Officer. He will be starting with ASPA on May 30, 2022 and may be contacted at or 306.966.7392. His office is located at 302 Kirk Hall.

Glenn has worked fulltime for the Government of Saskatchewan and SGEU for the past 33 years. He earned a Certificate in Labour Relations from Queens in 2009, and holds many certificates from the Foundation of Administrative Justice.

Previously, Glenn worked for SGEU for 14 years, with a focus on labour, human rights, and employment relations. Glenn represented workers as a Labour Relations Officer for unions and their members on a wide range of labour and employment law issues and has appeared before the Saskatchewan Labour Relations Board and Arbitration Boards, as well has negotiated with various levels of private and public sector bargaining units in Saskatchewan.

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