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Pizza Social

February’s Pizza social, another successful event, so much so that we ran out of pizza.  We sincerely apologize to those who did not get any.  Please assist us in making sure we order enough pizza by registering in advance for future events.

We would like to thank Culinary Services for their generous donation of 2 door prizes ($25 gift certificates).   We also hit a bit of a technical glitch as none of us present at the event had access to see the list of website followers.  ASPA will contact you by email if you are a winner and your prize can be picked up at the ASPA office.

See you in March!

ASPA Updates, Did You Know?

Union Dues

As an ASPA member you pay monthly Union dues.  The dues ensure that ASPA can effectively advocate on behalf of its members, by bargaining and protecting their rights and benefits in the Collective Agreement. Dues also fund the day to day operations of the organization.

More specifically, your dues pay for things like the salary and benefits of the ASPA staff, and for legal expenses at arbitration and Labour Relation Board hearings. Other ASPA expenses covered by dues include website maintenance, various subscriptions or membership fees (survey monkey, Lancaster House, CIRA), auditor fees, legal fees, bargaining related costs (education, hiring of external negotiator, research) and allocations to the contingency fund, to name a few.

Please note that your union dues are tax deductible from your annual income. Continue reading “Union Dues”

ASPA Updates

Voluntary Exit Survey Summary

by Peter Krebs, ASPA President

On October 30 2017, on our ASPA website, we reported on the results of the Voluntary Exit Program (VEP), by providing metrics on the number of participants, their home departments, family and phase, and the like. If you missed the article, go to (

The ASPA Executive also wanted to hear from the members about their experiences with the VEP, and their perceptions of the value of the voluntary exits. ASPA’s most recent one minute survey is the tool through which we obtained your feedback on the VEP.

We are very grateful to everyone who took the time to complete the survey: 540 members have replied, of which 52 respondents (of 78 who are leaving) participated in the VEP.

We find the results quite interesting and noteworthy, as they provide us with important lessons to reflect on the past, and to consider for the future, in respect to a voluntary exit program.

Here is what you said: Continue reading “Voluntary Exit Survey Summary”

ASPA Updates, Did You Know?

Survivor Benefit

Did you know that ASPA’s Extended Health and Dental Plans have a survivor benefit?  If you did not, you are not alone….

Should an ASPA member who is eligible for the Extended Health and Dental Plans die while still employed at the University of Saskatchewan, their spouse and any eligible dependant(s), are eligible to continue to receive benefits for up to two years following the members passing.  The University will continue to pay the premiums during this time.  For further information regarding this and other benefit provisions please refer to the Extended Health and Dental Plan Summary located in your PAWS Account under the Benefit tab.

If you are not sure if you are eligible for the Extended Health and Dental Plans please refer to the ASPA Collective Agreement – Article 12 or contact Darcy Hryn – Bird at


ASPA Updates

2017 Flexible Spending Allocation Deadline

The deadline for ASPA members to allocate their 2017 Flexible Spending Program (FSP) amount is December 31, 2016.

To allocate your funds, please visit the Flexible Spending Program page in PAWS. If you miss the deadline, your allocation will remain the same as the previous year and cannot be changed due to CRA regulations.

Remember to use any remaining funds from the 2016 calendar year before December 31, 2017, or the unused credit will be forfeited and revert back to the University of Saskatchewan.  READ MORE

ASPA Updates

ASPA Volunteer Survey Results

Dear ASPA members: We would like to acknowledge and thank all of our members who, over the past month, participated in a survey about the topic of “volunteering” in our association.

“Volunteering” is a topic that is highly relevant for us, as the association requires many volunteers to conduct its business.  The ASPA Executive is interested in our members’ perception of the value of volunteer participation.

At the closing date of the survey, 384 (of around 1100) ASPA members had responded to the survey.  Here is what we found: Continue reading “ASPA Volunteer Survey Results”