How to be a Better Colleague

By Karen E. Mosier – co worker 1

Have you ever thought about what your colleagues might say about you if you left and took a different position or retired? Would they say that you were the nicest and most patient person that they ever worked with or would they say that they wished that they had never met you?

Several ways that you can be a better co-worker include:

  1. Get To Know Your Colleagues
  • Take time to say hello when you arrive at work
  • Get to know others and ask them about their interests
  1. Mind Your Manners
  • Steer clear of gossip
  • Be respectful to everyone you encounter
  • Express appreciation and acknowledgement
  • Be cheerful and don’t whine
  • Quit doing common pet peeves that annoy others
  • Reduce your noise level
  • Respect other people’s time
  1. Be Accountablecoworker2
  • Return emails and phone calls promptly
  • Be responsible for everything that crosses your desk
  • Stop making excuses when you don’t get things done
  • Live your life as a mensch
  1. Have A Good Work Ethic
  • Work just as hard as the people you work with
  • Always be willing to learn a new skill or help out
  1. Help Others
  • Share your resources
  • Reach out to new teammates
  1. Value Your Colleagues
  • Ask other people for their opinions
  • Express your ideas clearly and be open for others to add insights
  • Give credit where credit is due
  1. Assume the Positive In Others
  • As often you don’t know the whole story

Coworker 3

You spend more time with your co-workers than members of your own family. Learn to get along. It can make your life on the job much more enjoyable. Building positive relationships with the people you work with should be a priority.


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