The Benefits of Taking a Leadership Role

By Karen E. Mosier

leadershipA leader is defined as someone who directs or guides an individual, situation or team. Good leaders motivate, inspire, and model a good work ethic. They also encourage participation, cooperation and teamwork in various situations that require individuals to work as a team. They are so many ways that an individual can learn and grow by being in a leadership position.

Here are some of the benefits of taking on a leadership role:

  • You can develop communication skills
  • You will gain responsibility
  • You can develop negotiation skills
  • You’ll be able to network
  • You will gain management skills
  • You can hone your problem-solving skillsleadership
  • You’ll discover new talents
  • You will be recognized
  • You’ll improve your resume
  • You can be involved in something that you really care about
  • You will get to know new people
  • You can impact someone’s life for good
  • You can inspire others
  • You can help others in your community

Leadership plays an important role in our society. Too many times people don’t step up because of a lack of confidence in their own abilities or the lack of experience and encouragement to put their abilities into practice. If you possess practical skills that could help someone in one way or another, this is all that is necessary to step up and be a leader. Would you like to inspire and impact at least one person for the better in someway? Would you like to make an impactful difference to our campus community? Look around you and seek out leadership opportunities and not only grow as an individual but inspire others to greatness. Whether it is chairing a committee, serving on the ASPA bargaining team, presenting a topic for an ASPA brown bag lunch, or mentoring a colleague to take on a leadership role, find your niche today and reap the benefits of being a leader.   


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